Tuesday, November 10, 2009

well, i survived faerie con.
it was a terrible disappointment.
the hotel room was 300$ for 3 nights, site fee was $950, gas was $150, tolls were $50.
and there was food, cost of goods sold and a stipend to our helper.
this was the first time at a non-charity event i lost money.
i have only lost money once before at a children's make a wish renaissance faire in maine.
i know the economy is bad but this was disastrous.
with that high of a site fee there is a big crowd.
there was almost no crowd at all.

i ordered chinese food for delivery and took a bath while andrew and kieth, our helper, made a beer run.
i had just sat down and turned on the tv when the front desk called to say that i had to come down for the food.
i had to get dressed again and head down with wet hair and no make-up because the delivery man was waiting.
apparently they do not let deliveries upstairs at this event.
a few people i talked to said this was never an issue at this hotel before.
i think they wanted us to pay the $8 a slice for their pizza and $4 for a cup of yogurt.

i can't say i had a bad time, but it wasn't fun.
i am still debating if i want to give it another try.
andrew and keith had fun drinking and met some nice people.
but as for me, the jury is still out.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this event was such a disappointment for you. It's really a shame that you had a bad experience, because it is those negative things that keep vendors from coming back a second year....


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