Wednesday, April 22, 2009


looks like my little car is dead.
it is a 15 year old ford escort wagon that i affectionately call "the vanilla bean" as it is cream with a black roof rack and bumpers.

andrew says when kevin was taking his grandfather to the market he drove through a puddle.
the puddle was so deep the water soaked the engine.

kevin says andrew is full of crap and it was raining really hard and that's how he engine was so wet.

andrew is openly hostile to kevin and i but kevin is a rough driver.
either way i have no car.

there is no compression and it just won't start.
it really tries to but cannot catch despite a new battery and plugs.

i need my car badly!
there is no other way to get around out town.
i cannot mail my orders, see the dentist or psychologist without it.
if the children get sick at school how will i get them home?

there is no money for another car until january after arisia.
and i kinda like my car.

rip, vanilla bean.

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