Sunday, April 19, 2009

herb lesson 3: feverfew

Because feverfew is ruled by Venus it is an excellent herb for love magic. Include a few flowers in love charms or sachets.

Carrying feverfew is said to protect one from colds and fevers and accidents.
Used in sachets, charms and spells feverfew can be combined with other herbs to get rid of unwanted influences, to promote spiritual healing, and for meditation.

For protection when traveling make up a sachet of feverfew, comfrey and a st christopher medal.
Place in the glove compartment of the car or carry on oneself if flying.
Add some leaves to one's suitcases to keep them from arriving at the same destination at the same time.

When a person in unduly clumsy their lack of grace may be broken by a magical bath made from feverfew, rue and vervain.
The addition of rue breaks hexes and vervain is highly protective to keep the person from harming themselves while going their ungainly way.

A floor wash containing rue and feverfew will help prevent accidents in the home caused by negative energy.

Drunk as a tea feverfew is said to protect one from colds, flu, headaches and fevers. There is little modern information to back this claim up but as feverfew is rich in iron and niacin a bit daily would hardly hurt.

**do not use if pregnant**

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