Tuesday, April 14, 2009

herb lesson 2: tonka bean

Tonka has a sweet almond/hay/vanilla smell and its use in love magic and money spells. It is a Venus curio and represents the element of water.

As a New World herb, tonka beans are not so often encountered in West European magic styles but instead crop up in New World magic like Hoodoo.
For instance, tonka beans are used in mojo bags for drawing money.

For wishes the beans must be used in odd numbers.
Make one wish per bean & carry the beans for a full week. After that the beans should be thrown into running water or river to make a wish come true.
Do not look back.

Alternately, take seven wishing beans and place them in a red flannel bag, together with a piece of paper with a wish written upon in dragons blood ink. This wishing bag may then be carried until the wish manifests.
Symbolic items can be added to the wishing bag, such as clovers for luck, hearts for love, magnetic sand for attraction, and so on.

It is said for best results, the mojo bag should always be kept hidden from the view of strangers and should never be touched by another, or the power may be lost just as it is bad luck to tell another of a wish made.

Breathing in tonka's fragrance can be emotionally balancing.

In magical aromatherapy, breathing the scent of tonka with intent will manifest money.

Carrying it builds courage.

Place a bean in a purse, near the computer,under the phone or anywhere where luck is needed for success in business.

Tonkas contain coumarin, which can be lethal in large doses. Its use in food is banned in the US by the Food and Drug Administration. Coumarin will produce great and even fatal depression, liver damage and in the dose of thirty to sixty grains it occasioned nausea, giddiness, depression, vomiting, and drowsiness.

**do not ingest.**


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