Sunday, April 12, 2009

herb lesson 1: asafoetida powder

asafoetida powder:

The name asafoetida originates with the Persian word aza, which means "resin", and the Latin word fetida, which means "smelly". This is also known as devil's dung, with great reason. It is the worst smelling herb I have worked with to date.

Sprinkle the powder around one's home to protect it from thieves.

It is used to invoke male gods, especially those of a phallic nature such as Pan or Hedrne.

Wearing asafoetida is said to cure homosexuality (but then, wearing of this scent will turn off just about everyone no matter what the sexual preference) though why it would need a cure is beyond me.

In Jamaica, asafoetida is traditionally applied to a baby's anterior fontanel to prevent spirits , "duppies", from entering the baby through the fontanel.

In the African-American Hoodoo tradition, asafoetida is used in magic spells as it is believed to have the power to curse, exorcise and banish evil.

It is also used as an onion and garlic replacement in cooking, as those ingredients are considered grounding, and can impede levitation.

This has been used in a sachet with other herbs such as valerian, mugwort and mullien for prophetic dreams.

Wear this at the throat as an amulet and wrap with a scarf to avoid or cure sickness.

Place in a sack with garlic to dispel evil spirits.

Like garlic, asafoetida will also ward off vampires and werewolves.

When used as a smudge asafoetida is powerful as a purification or exorcism herb.
Be warned though-this is so nasty and smelly that the whole gathering may run away too.

Make a floor wash with this to keep away snooping law officers.

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