Friday, May 22, 2009

update #1

i'm heading out the door for war of the roses.
i'm not a huge sca fan but andrew is so this is our compromise.

updates will be few and far between for a bit as my computer is broken.
andrew is unemployed again.
he was spending all his time playing online games so i removed his computer.
in retaliation he took my laptop and smashed it repeatedly into the walls and floor.
needless to say i took a cooking mallet to the inside of his after this.

he spent the next day making a frankenstein computer from the carcasses of dead puters he never threw away.
and seldom gives me the time to do my work.
all because of his games.

and i do not have the $600 to replace my laptop.
see you folks and have a safe holiday weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy the SCA, and miss having an active, fun group to participate with. Enjoy the weekend, if you can.

    Sorry to hear about the laptop - I almost cried reading of computers being smashed from the inside out.... guess I know how hard it is to put it all back together, hehe.


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