Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kittens, Again

we had a litter of kittens 5 weeks ago.
last week they came downstairs to join the rest of the household.
they are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch.
they are not much fun to clean up after however.
the little devils are now eating kibble but will not use the litter box.
we have a tiny pan dedicated just to them.
we even put one of Tuna's poopies in it so they could go where mommy's scent was.
i just found where they are hiding it all.
under one of my bookcases.
while cleaning the living room i put my hand under the bookcase to check for old socks, toys and game pieces.
imagine my surprise...
stepping on the half eaten "presents" my older cats leave me was more pleasant.
now the little bastards are sprawled out across the entire sofa taking a nap.
faking innocence.
yes, there is a good reason cats have a bad reputation.
it is well earned.
and i wouldn't change it for anything.

i just saw one take a crap beside the box.
i can't win with these guys!


  1. Oh, you'll never win with them, but isn't it fun. BTW dogs are just as good at that 'innocent' look. Who me? Steal your ball of yarn? Never! All the while he's laying on it. Oh well, we love them anyway.

  2. How sweet they are!!

    I'd love to have you join in for The 31 Days of Halloween! Thanks for commenting! Just shoot me an email, and I'll give you all the details!

    mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com


  3. We have four cats, one of which refuses to use the litter box. Thank goodness we don't have carpet or I'd lose my mind.

    No matter their faults I love them forever.


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