Monday, August 10, 2009

Root Woman's House Cleaning

tell people you need to cleanse a new home or just get rid of a lingering heebee jeebee feeling, most people will tell you to smudge. while excellent advice it is just a part of a bigger picture.

first get some chinese wash or mix up a faux chinese wash using a new bucket, lemons, purified water, salt, lemongrass essential oil and a clear crystal.

now scrub!

everything in the house needs to be washed-don't forget walls, ceilings, door, the undersides of tables, both fronts backs and insides of cabinets, closets etc.

next sprinkle sea salt all over the floors and using a brand new broom sweep the floors from farthest corner to front door and continue sweeping until you are at the road. don't bring the broom back inside. dispose of it far from the home but preferably at a crossroads. retuning the broom will just bring all that mess back with you.

take cut dried angelica herb ( named after the archangel and a powerful protector) and place it above all the windows and doors, rugs and around the outside of the home. small pieces of this should fit completely unnoticed above the top trim on windows and doors. a small piece tucked under a welcome mat is a good idea too.

lastly, smudge with a mix of white sage, lavender and sweetgrass.

the chinese wash gets rid of the bad vibes, the salt banishes them, angelica prevents them returning and the smudging with these herbs brings loving energy back in.

there are other ritual cleansings, but this is my favorite way for maximum results.

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